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Hydra Facial


Indulge in a world of beauty and rejuvenation at our Cosmetology sanctuary, where our skilled cosmetologists are dedicated to enhancing your natural allure. Our sterile and meticulously maintained environment sets the stage for a transformative experience.



Experience the bliss of a glowing skin with customised hydrafacials, phototherapy and mesotherapy in house. Discover the artistry of Botox and filler injections along with laser hair removal to chemical peels, dermatologic treatments like micro needling and dermabrasion, facials, fillers, and cleanups, skin and hair PRP and glutathione therapy.

Our comprehensive services cater to your unique needs- all part of our exclusive packages and premium-class services. Trust us to bring out the best in you with precision, expertise, and a commitment to your beauty journey.

Our Patient's Experience

Aman Cheema


Absolute Class! My experience here has been nothing short of phenomenal. I had booked my first appointment in Dec 2022 to fix the condition of my teeth. The whole experience was seamless and was very informative. Dr. Batth and the staff welcomed me very warmly and while fixing my teeth, they took out time to explain the whole process of how the decay happens and how I can be more careful. This extra touch to provide in depth knowledge of how, what, why me teeth were impacted and how I can better take care of them, made me feel valued and special. I have decided to take the next step of Invisalign with them as I genuinely feel comfortable and confident that Dr. Batth and this clinic would provide me the best service, information and knowledge in my journey to smile confidently!

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